An Opportunity to Capitalise on ONE of Australia’s
Top Class Agriculture Properties

And to acquire an investment and legacy for your family…

  1.     Have you purchased a property only to find that it offered little to NO RETURN on your INVESTMENT?
  2.     Are you tired of spending all your TIME and MONEY on run down properties with BAD INFRASTRUCTURE?
  3.     What if there was a SOLUTION where you could invest in a proven agriculture property,  that is reliableready-to-go and leaves  LASTING  ASSET for generations to come!

. . . finally, the SOLUTION you have been waiting for 
'The Glen'

If You're Having Trouble Finding a Reliable and Trustworthy Property, Here's a G​​​​UARANTEED way to be sure you will never have that problem again.

Primarily used for FARMINGGRAZING and​BREEDING, The Glen’s versatile land offers INCOME PRODUCING OPPORTUNITIES

PLUS - 867.912 Hectares / 2,144.539 Acres 

PLUS 7 Freehold Titles


Who Wants to Make OVER 20% Increase in Land Value Per Year?

Too good to be true, y​​​​ou say?
What would you say, if it was proven over the last 15 years through…
  • check
    Improving and establishing​ new Infrastructure
  • check
     Vegetation Management (PMAV approved)
  • check
    Restoration of a healthy and productive eco-system

So What Makes YOU Confident of a RELIABLE and LASTING ASSET?

It's simple, it's based on this formula...

LOCATION and PROXIMITY to Livestock Markets, Exports, Schools, Hospitals etc   


                             Reliable and Ample WATER Supply                                      

Quality & Maintained INFRASTRUCTURE
Versatile and Fertile LAND

.REMEMBER, this is Important, Accessibility at its finest . . .

  • check
    Bitumen road to the boundary
  • check
    Gazetted road to all seven titles
  • check
    Local primary and secondary school bus services available

Picture: Location map of ‘The Glen’  - proximity to livestock markets & exports 

How Would you FEEL if Australia's 3rd BIGGEST Cattle Industry Player Invested in Your Backyard?

PROOF - Gina Rinehart recently purchased a feedlot just 36km away from ‘The Glen’ 


This acquisition secures a key part of the supply chain producing and then processing export quality, full-blood Wagyu to both our Asian neighbours and local markets.  - Gina Rinehart

Up, Up and . . . Away!

Toowoomba's Airport -Brisbane West Wellcamp (WTB) is only 65km away from ‘The Glen’ and offers export carrier Cathay Pacific Cargo to Hong Kong every Tuesday. Domestic planes travel directly to Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville & Cairns.

May have been a fluke, right?

Even the GOVERNMENT is on board!
According to the Financial Review, the 2017 Federal Budget announced a $10 billion Melbourne to Brisbane inland rail project, which will tunnel through Toowoomba.

Why the Toowoomba Region?

- One of Australia’s hot spots for  investment& industry
- The SW Queensland mining hub
- Australia’s 2nd largest agricultural basin
- One of QLD’s major precincts for   health,education & 

WHY Take Chances?

When it rains, it pours... or rather 'The Glen's' UNLIMITED water supply

Creek - 5.4km of permanent
spring fed creek frontage of Kings Creek

Bores - 5

Dams - 13

Troughs - 

How would you feel if you could save your time and money, and focus on instantaneous money revenues?

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    In the past 15 years,  80% of “The Glen’s” fencing has been replaced! There are 26 paddocks of stock proof fencing for grazing, holding and cultivating, for ease of stock rotation and control
  • check
    4 bay Machinery Shed, Hay Shed, 3x Silos, Workshop with 3 phase power

    PLUS - A separate 3 car Garage with powe
  • check
    Improved cattle yards with Vet Crush and Rudweigh scales, 5-way Air-Draft with curved Race and Swinging Safety Gate, steel calf crush and cradle, as well as loading ramps

    PLUS -
     An additional set of yards, that’s right, not ONE but TWO sets of yards

Step Inside The Glen's Prestigious Homestead . . .

  • Large kitchen with granite bench tops &               New Guinea Rosewood cabinetry
  • Multiple spacious living zones, plus a                     fireplace
  • Oversized office for your business needs
  • 6 generous bedrooms all with built-ins, 2.5         bathrooms plus a spa bath
  • 'The Glen' has Creek Flats, Open Undulating Ridges of Black Basaltic Soils as well as small areas of Well Grassed Timber Ridges

     ‘The Glen’ also prides itself on being Tick FREE & Chemical FREE . . .

    PLUS - Has strong weed eradication, implemented through the use of Camels

    PLUS - No vegetation management issues as PMAV was certified in 2007

    PLUS - Native pastures include Bluegrass, Creeping and Bisset Blue Grass, Paspalum, Kikuyu, Couch and Rhodes as well as introduced Clovers and Medics

    PLUS - Former cultivation areas have been returned to improved pasture and saltbush for long term sustainability.

    “Implementation of environmentally sound methods to increase the carrying capacity of the property, at the same time improving the condition of the soil”

    > > >    BONUS! Did We Mention 7 FREEHOLD TITLES!!    < < <

     With 2,144 Acres of USEABLE Land, 'The Glen' Has a Carrying Capacity of 1,200 Stock

    Let's think about this...

    Here's your licence to print money!

    Let's use an example . . .

    If you had 500 COWS and they had 470 CALVES (235 Steers & 235 Heifers) 

    and you SOLD those CALVES You could potentially be earning 

    OVER $380,000 per annum just for calves! ***

    ***This is only a guideline that is based upon on May/June 2017 market prices

    “…consider the importance of an investment that can generate consistent returns in the face of unpredictable climatic and financial conditions…”

    NOW, Would It Be FAIR to SAY that 'The Glen' . . .

    1. Is a property that offers numerous opportunities for YOUR Return on Investment?

    2. Is a property that is already well maintained and set up, saving YOU Time and Money?

    3. Is a property that will leave a lasting asset for generations to come?

    Don't Miss This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Own a Slice of Heaven in the Toowoomba Region, Queensland, Australia

    Begin your Lifestyle and Legacy 
    today. . .

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